Quacera - Using the Research & Reports

Quacera Investment Philosophy

We believe stock markets throughout the world are constantly fluctuating between secular bull and bear markets, and within those secular trends there are tradable contra- cycles.  Within the secular moves and the contra-trends there is a constantly sector, industry, and index rotations.  These moves provide a wide range of investment opportunities and allow for diversification between geographic markets, sectors, industries, and indexes.  We believe our investment strategy is able to identify and take advantage of these prospects while maintaining reasonable and prudent levels of risk 

Quacera Investment Strategy

Quacera Investment Policy uses the decision cycle known as “OODA” (Observe-Orient-Decide- Act).The model is a set of interacting loops in continuous operation.  These loops include the interaction of economic circumstances, political events, and the stock market fundamental and technical environment.  These observations provide the raw information processed in the “Orient” phase.  The QPM Radar™ is the center of the “Decision” process leading to the “Act” stage.